My three day visit to Venice

These (Marks) images of Venice taken with an inexpensive Nikon D80 and 18 – 200mm walkabout lens. It’s a simple fact that you don’t need an expensive SLR to be able to take good quality images. I was able to get my flights from Ottawa to Italy’s Marco Polo Airport paid for using my visa card points and booked an apartment overlooking Rio del Gaffaro close by the Trattoria La Rose dei Venti.

Our apartment being only a short distance from the Piazzale Roma, a convenient drop off point for my taxi from the airport. I can highly recommend visiting Venice in early November because the weather is generally good and Venice a little less crowded. All these images were taken while exploring Venice on foot. The main attractions like St. Mark’s Square are easily accessible without having to wait to get on a usually crowded river bus.

Skip the walking tours, do a little research before hand and you will save on unnecessary expenses. You also have to be careful to ensure that you don’t get over charged when visiting bars and restaurants. We can recommend Trattoria La Rosa dei Venti as we found them to be tourist Friendly restaurant that made us feel welcome.

We took the train for a day trip to Florence. It was a good day’s outing, we were able to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio, do some shopping and be back in Venice for dinner.

More great Venice images and video

Check out my Images of Venice showcasing my images and my video page.  My images are not cropped, I use Adobe Lightroom to remove minor lens distortions and do minor image cleanup work. Unlike many images found on the internet, my images closely depict the colours and lighting conditions present when the images were taken.  The sizes of the images have been reduced to make them usable in a slideshow. 


 Venice – Grand Canal Live Cam

Marks-post images of Venice
Images of Venice taken over three days in early November 2014
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